We are a young Scottish
company offering a 360
degree service in the UK
music industry.


When In Rome is a young Scottish company offering a 360 degree service in the UK music industry. We offer the following services:

  • Production / Writing / Arranging
  • Mixing
  • Re-mixing
  • Mastering
  • Consultancy
  • Coaching

As songwriters, we have worked with Tebey (Pixie Lott, JLS), Jones (Tenny Ten) and Celetia Martin (Jennifer Hudson).

Our writing credits range from the Official Rugby World Cup album, "World in Union" to Popstars, as well as national radio commercials and major music libraries. We are skilled in sonic branding and work with several major UK agencies.

For available songs for A&R, radio, tv etc, please contact us for access. Please also contact us with any library, commercial, or sonic ident and branding queries.



We use state of the art facilities and the latest software to create the perfect productions for your music.

We can add to existing tracks or begin from scratch, to meet the needs of your project. We also offer an online service where you can upload your track to us and we return the completed production.

We can supply all the session musicians required for your productions.

Our production work has been used on major label releases (including a UK no1 record), major newspaper cover-mount CDs, in major music libraries, national radio commercials and sonic idents.

Check out our SoundCloud page for some examples. Please contact us for your next production.


Mixing involves blending the separate tracks of a recording into one stereo pair, suitable for listening to on any radio, ipod or car stereo. Mixing also involves adding effects to polish up the sound of tracks.

We can mix productions that you commission from us. If you supply the files, we can also mix your own recordings to really help you get the best from your music.

Mixing can be done in-house by WIR or by one of our affiliated mix engineers (with UK gold and platinum credits including Tom Jones, Stereophonics, S Club 7 etc). We can advise on the best choice of mix engineer for your project and budget.

Check out our SoundCloud page for some examples of our mixes.


Mastering makes the difference between a demo and a finished, release quality product. If you have ever wondered why your finished tracks never sound quite as good as your favourite artist, this is the answer!

Mastering is the last stage of the production process. It is the last chance to alter sonic presentation and is where the different tracks are brought together as a cohesive whole. Level adjustments to ensure songs flow consistently from one to another, any extra EQ, track edits and sequencing of albums are done during this stage.

Mastering is an art form in its own right. Our affiliate engineers have credits including Madonna, Oasis and Jessie Jay; your music deserves the highest quality mastering.


We can provide re-mixes of your tracks to create cutting edge floor-fillers. Re-mixing can be done in-house, but we also have access to "name" UK and international re-mixers.

We can even help you with the UK-wide club promo for your re-mix.

Check out our SoundCloud page for some examples of our re-mixes.


We offer a complete consultancy package for artists. We can can advise and guide artists from those first demos, all the way through to full project management and label approaches. We have a track record of taking artists, developing them and then sourcing appropriate deals. We have high level contacts in the media, labels, management and live touring.


We offer coaching with some of the best names in the business in guitar, bass, drums, vocals and music production.


Do you need a great session vocal (male or female), a real bass line, a killer guitar part?

We offer an online service where you upload your playback and we arrange, record and edit the live parts you require.


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